Membership Information & How to Join

The East Anglian Vineyards Association invites all people to join the organisation and participate in our events and meetings. Some members are not growers, but have a commercial interest in vine growing or wine making products or can provide a consultancy service to those who do. Growers of all sizes are welcome, from the vines in your back garden or on your allotment to big commercial growers who are also farmers, all are welcome!

Join here!

Members can belong to more than one association as it’s inevitable that there will be people with links in more than one regional boundary.

How will Membership benefit you?

  • Automatic membership of national body - Wine Producers of Great Britain (Wine Producers GB), which lobbies DEFRA and Europe on relevant and topical issues
  • Eligible for entry into both regional and national wine competitions
  • Free copy of the Green Pesticide Booklet (or an emailed pdf version) which notifies growers of legally available sprays and suggested spray programmes.
  • Free entry onto the vineyard section of this website.
  • Free copy of the biannual national magazine “The Grape Press” and information flow from UKVA bulletins. Free copy of the regional newsletter.
  • Meetings at vineyards and wineries round the region, with opportunity to taste wines of the region and speak to growers about their experiences. Speakers on topics of interest.
  • Opportunity to gain advice from other members and networks round the region
  • Opportunity to join an email forum to gain access to members in other regions for advice or networking.
  • Free colour map “The Vineyards of England and Wales” (when available)
  • Reduced entry costs for the English and Welsh Wine of the Year Competition
  • Eligibility for East Anglian Wine of the Year Competition


* all these may change without notice

Please see the Wines of Great Britain website ( for other benefits of membership or contact [email protected]