Elysian Fields Vineyard

Elysian Fields Vineyard was established in 1991,some two miles south west of the cathedral city of Ely at Bedwell Hey Farm  which stands at 50 feet above sea level and the surrounding fenland at the edge of the old Island of Ely.The site, on deep greensand soil, is adjacent to Ely Fields Farm which itself was named in the pre enclosure period and marked the southern boundary of Ely South Field, hence the name of the vineyard.

As far as is known this is the only vineyard in Fenland and one of the smallest in East Anglia at just two and a half acres, but it continues a tradition which started with the introduction of grape vines by the Romans  and continued by the Normans after 1066. There is documentary evidence that the monks at the Abbey and later the Cathedral at Ely cultivated vines right through the Middle Ages and that home produced wine and beer formed part of their living.

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Contact: John and Linda Parish

Bedwell Hey Farm Little Thetford Ely, Cambs.

Telephone: 01353 662 722